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Purple Martin Studio is a Miami based landscape architecture studio established by Theresa Wymer in 2020. Inspired by the interconnectedness of people and the natural environment, we design solutions that are both sustainable and practical to balance the natural features of a site with the desired aesthetic of the client. Our work spans across the state of Florida and includes single and multi-family residential, commercial and hospitality, as well as niche services like pollinator and wildlife habitat design. Our team is passionate about what we do, meeting the needs of our clients and preserving the natural beauty of Florida through creative, service driven design.

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We take great care to provide service driven design solutions on every project. To accomplish this, we provide a full range of landscape architectural services. Our design process begins with a client meeting to understand the project's unique goals and budget. A site visit will be conducted as needed to discover existing opportunities and identify potential design solutions. Once we have gained a detailed understanding of the project objectives, design work begins. Our design team will collaborate closely, providing the client with industry expertise and high-quality deliverables such as conceptual plans, 3D renderings, construction documents, and reports, that fit within the project scope and budget. Throughout the design process we will communicate with the client to guarantee the success of the design. 


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Landscape Architecture services encompass landscape and hardscape design, irrigation, permit and construction documents, exterior lighting design and more. Theresa is a licensed landscape architect with over 10 years experience working in residential, multifamily, government, and hospitality projects.


Our 3D rendering capabilities offer clients a unique opportunity to see designs come to life long before contractors begin installation. Innovative 3D modeling software allows us to create true-to-life digital landscapes displaying a variety of textures, fine details, lighting conditions and angles.

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Based in South Florida, Purple Martin Studio is very familiar with the code requirements of municipalities within Miami-Dade County, South Florida, Central Florida, and beyond. We provide code compliant landscape and hardscape plans and signed and sealed permit documents.


Theresa Wymer is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and provides our clients with her expertise while navigating the intricacies of tree regulation. Services include tree assessments and arborist reports.

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The Atala butterfly (Eumaeus atala) is an imperiled species of butterfly once found throughout Florida, today found naturally occurring only in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The Atala rely on a native plant called Coontie to complete their lifecycle and prefer small white flowers for nectar like those from wild coffee, dahoon holly, and pineland lantana. If you want to attract this unique butterfly and more to your yard, we can design a butterfly garden that is both beautiful and beneficial.


Purple Martin Studio’s extensive knowledge of Florida’s native flora and fauna along with our design expertise can provide a design that will meet the requirements of the National Wildlife Federation™ and transform your outdoor space into a beautiful Certified Wildlife Habitat®. This certification means your yard becomes a haven for local birds, pollinators and other wildlife by providing food, water, cover, places to raise young, and sustainable practices. Learn more at Certify Your Habitat to Help Wildlife! - Certified Wildlife Habitat (

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My goal is to design custom landscapes to match your desired aesthetic while maintaining an appreciation and reverence for natural Florida

and all the life within its ecosystems.

Theresa Wymer, Founder of Purple Martin Studio


Purple Martin Studio designs beautiful landscapes that require minimal resources to maintain and provide abundant biodiversity. Utilizing native plant materials and appropriate placement, we can always find design solutions that support surrounding natural ecosystems and benefit local birds, pollinators, and other native wildlife. We are committed to providing ecologically oriented landscape architecture with every project our hands touch. 

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